The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) is the voice of the automotive retail industry throughout the state. As the automobile dealer trade association, CADA advocates issues of importance to the auto industry in general, Colorado auto dealers in particular and to Colorado's driving public.

The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association was formed in 1933 by a small number of dealers who wanted to protest a federal excise tax that would raise the price of vehicles to their customers — and hurt the few sales they already had. Building on that success, the association was incorporated five years later.

Today, our 260 dealers range from small, family-owned dealerships to nationally owned, multifranchise corporations. CADA represents a united front for each of these new car and truck dealers to local, state and federal public policy makers; the public and the media.

Colorado’s new car dealers are vibrant, dynamic and immersed in their communities. They provide jobs — and careers — to more than 43,000 people throughout the state, which represented more than $1.1 billion in total compensation to Colorado residents in 2016.

How CADA serves our members

Regulatory and compliance changes are routinely shared with our dealer members, making it easier for them to stay on top of local and state policy issues that can affect their businesses and their buyers.

Education keeps dealers and their key leaders current with industry best practices and the ever-changing compliance landscape. Topics range from title clerk training to advertising and compliance issues, updating dealers and general managers on the effects of new legislation and digital marketing.

Events cover the gamut from the Denver Auto Show (and its own related events) to industry economic forecasts, NextGen meetings, the annual Golf Event, regional dealer meetings and a wide range of other events throughout the year — all designed to keep dealers engaged with and connected to one another.

Whether through an Endorsed Provider's products or services, employee benefits that have returned tens of thousands of dollars a year in premiums to individual members or serving as a one-stop shop for the many mandated forms, Insurance Services save dealers money on the tools they use every day to operate their businesses.

Committees & Groups

Members can become more deeply involved and make an impact on their businesses and industry through CADA Committees & Groups. Committees range from the Executive Committee, which includes the five officers of the Board, to the Legislative Policy Committee, Member Services Committee, Denver Auto Show Committee and the NextGen Leadership Club.

Governing structure

CADA is governed by a Board of Directors. Each member of the Board is elected by his or her peers to represent them at all scheduled meetings. The Board is comprised of the following elected members:

  • 5 Officers
  • 12 District Directors
  • Up to 6 At-large Directors
  • NADA Director

The five officers of the Board — Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past Chair — serve one-year terms. All District Directors serve three-year terms. The Chair appoints Association committees, which focus on issues for consideration or those that need more in-depth analysis.

CADA's Chief Executive Officer/President and the Chief Operating Officer are responsible for daily operations and direct its 10 staff members at CADA headquarters in Denver.