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Description: The Chairman's Blog is CADA’s blog featuring the Chair’s current column in the monthly Bulletin.


Elon Musk is banking on Colorado's auto emissions regs to become California-ized

June 29, 2018

Tesla and Elon Musk are in a bind. The company bleeds money. Musk’s attempt to make Teslas more than status symbols for rich environmentalists has fallen far short as Tesla has proven incapable of delivering its mass-market Model 3. As a result, car buyers who fell for Musk’s unmet promises are demanding refunds on their deposits. As The New Y... Read More

Governor's Cal-LEV efforts could decimate new car sales in Colorado

May 30, 2018

Colorado Dealer:  Back in the day, there was a saying: “Don’t Californicate Colorado.” It tied up in a neat little bow a lot of things about the Golden State that we didn’t want here. Now Colorado is facing another California-inspired challenge: Forcing California-style tailpipe emissions standards on Colorado new car buyers.  Colorado’s Air Q... Read More

Thanks to Anthony Brownlee for a successful Denver Auto Show

April 24, 2018

Colorado Dealer:  We’ve had a couple of weeks to process the results from the Denver Auto Show and surrounding events. They were a resounding success.  Congratulations and thanks to Anthony Brownlee (Land Rover Denver), who chaired the show for the second year. This is the first time we’ve had a repeat chair and the wisdom of that change is cl... Read More

Denver Auto Show: It's the best time of year to be an auto dealer

March 01, 2018

Colorado dealers:  We are squarely in the middle of one of the most exciting months for us as new car dealers in Colorado — and really, for our entire industry. There’s truly no busier time of the year for our trade association.  Coming up over the next few days and weeks is an amazing lineup of industry events, all designed for us as dealers... Read More

CADA offers our dealerships safety and security

February 01, 2018

More than protection at state legislature Here’s a challenge: Imagine what our industry would be without the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association. CADA ticks along so efficiently that many members may not realize how integral it is to our business — and how much we depend on it. Those dues you pay are definitely a good investment.  It’s par... Read More

Welcome Todd Maul as 2018 CADA Chairman

January 01, 2018

Dear Colorado Dealer: As your 2018 Chair, I have hit the floor running. With the board’s strategic planning in 2017, an in-depth Denver Auto Show Economic Impact Study, Denver Auto Show and Preview Gala strategic session and the planning of the legislative goals, we have our marching orders for 2018 and beyond. I am privileged to lead this am... Read More

Thanks! It’s been a great year!

December 01, 2017

Dear Member Dealer, The second half of 2017 was as eventful as the first half. It got off to a fast start June 5–6 with the Board of Directors’ Strategic Planning Retreat. It was a productive and provocative meeting, led by Harrison Coerver of Association Management Consultants, resulting in a new three-year strategic plan for CADA. Five criti... Read More

Thanks to your help, we cleared some big hurdles

November 01, 2017

Dear Colorado Dealer: It’s harvest time, which traditionally is the time we Americans take stock and count the year’s blessings. By most measures, it has been a very productive year for the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and I am grateful for having been part of them. Actually, it’s been such a productive year that this month, I’d lik... Read More

2015 CADA Project D.C.

October 01, 2017

Dear Dealer Member: The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association’s 2015 “Project DC” is preparing for takeoff. Your CADA Board of Directors, some of our NextGen dealers, their guests and staff will be taking our September CADA board meeting on the road to Washington, D.C. from Sept. 27 to Oct. 1 so we can meet with our Congressional delegation... Read More

How to breathe easier, make a difference and even boost your bottom line

September 01, 2017

The brown cloud has been a decades-long problem along the Front Range, and especially in the Denver metro area. In fact, any city or town that sits at the foot of the Rockies is prone to temperature inversion, where colder air is trapped near the ground by warm air. That means pollutants can’t rise and dissipate into the atmosphere. We notice... Read More

CADA responds to Denver’s mobility effort announcement that challenges vehicular commuters

August 01, 2017

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s Mobility Plan—introduced during his State of the City Address July 12 — is big and bold, yet largely misguided, it seems. To attack traffic congestion and air pollution, Hancock seeks to invest $2 billion in the next several years to change how Denver citizens get around, significantly moving them out of private... Read More

A CADA first: Maui to host Annual Convention

July 01, 2017

ALOHA MEMBER DEALER: The best deals of the season on swimwear are upon us, so I suggest you invest in a new beach outfit to wear at the 2017 CADA Convention in Maui, November 12–15! CADA sent out an announcement in June with what promises to be a great way to benefit from an exchange of important and interesting association information with yo... Read More