CADA 2022 Dealer Voter Guide

Welcome to CADA’s 2022 Dealer Voter Guide!

In a year where dealers have seen record-low inventories AND record-high profits — even with a persistent microchip shortage — all while facing increasingly aggressive legislation against the economic freedom driving to work, running errands or simply going for a drive that personal vehicles offer us as we each pursue our American Dream, your vote November 8 matters more than ever.

A newly established district, along with tight races in five other districts (see page 2), offer one of the greatest opportunities for change and a shift in the balance of power at our state legislature. That’s only if you vote — and if you encourage your teams to vote — for those legislators and candidates who understand and appreciate freedoms personal vehicles offer Coloradans.

A guide to the ‘Guide’

On the next few pages, you’ll see how your Colorado legislators voted on issues that are important to our industry. You’ll find a description of the bill, CADA’s position on it, a list of our legislators and the districts they represent, along with how they voted on it.

At the top of the page, next to each featured bill, you’ll see a green or red dot. The color indicates whether CADA supported (green) or opposed (red) the bill.

From there, you can see whether your legislators voted with the Colorado auto industry’s position or against it. Because this is a guide that evaluates your legislators’ attitudes toward the auto industry in Colorado, voting for or against an incumbent should be an easy decision.

On page 3, you’ll find a discussion on the 2022 ballot issues that could affect our industry, along with CADA’s position on each issue. Again, we hope this discussion will help you make an easy decision for or against each issue.

As you review the people and issues up for your vote on November 8, keep in mind how incumbent legislators voted — and thank those who have supported our industry with your vote. And share this guide with your colleagues, families and friends. Your vote can make a difference!

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