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December 09, 2019

Highlands Ranch Herald

Colorado auto group takes high polluters off the road: 5 things you need to know


November 04, 2019

Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara

Tim Jackson, President of the Colorado Auto Dealers Association, joins guest host Mike Krause to talk about how California's vehicle regulations affect us in Colorado.


October 31, 2019

Colorado Springs Gazette

CADA President Tim Jackson on the State of the EV Legislation, Trump Tarrifs, and Summer Sales



October 30, 2019

CADA Press Release


Colorado’s new vehicle registrations declined -3.9% YTD


DENVER, Oct. 30, 2019—The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) today released its “Colorado Auto Outlook,” which includes details on new car and light truck registrations year to date for 2019. The report shows that Colorado new vehicle registrations through September 2019 versus year to date in 2018 declined 3.9 percent. The U.S. market was off 3.8 percent for the first nine months of 2019.

The state’s new vehicle market declined 3.9 percent during the first nine months of 2019 on registrations of 151,590 new vehicles versus 157,763 in 2018. U.S. registrations declined 3.8 percent during the same period on 10,075,287 new vehicle registrations versus 10,474,632 in 2018.

CADA President Tim Jackson said, “Like driving in heavy snow, Colorado’s new vehicle registrations, year to date, have slowed. While some brands continue to show modest gains, the overall slowdown continues to affect the entire country. Colorado consumers still benefit from manufacturer’s incentives, low interest rates, and anticipation for new car and truck versions just in showrooms. Coloradans also continue to enjoy a solid local economy, strong labor market, growing wages and consumer confidence, which points to continued strength in the auto retail market.”


  • Light truck registrations decreased 0.8 percent YTD, while passenger car registrations were off 14.5 percent.
  • Registrations increased by more than 5 percent for Tesla, RAM, Lincoln, BMW, Porsche and Hyundai.
  • Colorado’s top five market share leaders YTD are Toyota, Subaru, Ford, Honda and Jeep.
  • Non-luxury SUVs led in market share YTD at 47 percent, followed by pickups and vans at 24 percent. Small cars grabbed only a 11 percent market share.
  • Used vehicle registrations in Colorado increased 8 percent YTD (only includes vehicles seven years old or newer).
  • In related data, hybrid powertrain and electric vehicle market share YTD
  • Remained below 3 percent (electric);
  • Remained at 4.5 percent (hybrid); and
  • Remained below 1 percent for plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV).

The Colorado Auto Outlook was prepared for CADA by Auto Outlook, Inc., an independent automotive market research firm in Exton, Penn. All data represents new retail registrations in Colorado and excludes fleet transactions.

Editor’s Note:  Registration numbers versus sales numbers run about two months behind, compared to actual sales. Year-to-date figures will typically be more reflective of market results and monthly registration figures can fluctuate, resulting in over or under estimation of actual results due to processing delays by governmental agencies.

To obtain a copy of the Colorado Auto Outlook email The InterPro Group at , or call 303-503-6677.

For more information, please contact Tim Jackson at 303-282-1448; cell phone at 303-667-3995; or email



May 14, 2019

CBT News

CADA President Tim Jackson on the State of the EV Legislation, Trump Tarrifs, and Summer Sales


May 4, 2019

The Denver Post eEdition

Clear the Air Foundation makes the page in The Denver Post eEdition


March 30, 2019

The Denver Post

PHOTOS: Denver Auto Show displays newest model vehicles with latest technology?

CBS Denver

Past, Present & Future On Display At Denver Auto Show


March 29, 2019


Inside the Denver Auto Show

2019 Denver Auto Show Vlog


March 27, 2019

CBS Denver

More Interested in Electric Vehicles At 2019 Denver Auto Show

Fox 31

Sneak peak at the Denver Auto Show


March 24, 2019

CBS Denver

Green Car Static Parade Attracts Young Enthusiasts


January 30, 2019

Denver Business Journal

Colorado Auto Dealers Sue to Block Low-Emissions Vehicle Regulations

Streetsblog Denver

Story picked up from Denver Post + Tim Jackson's op-ed in Denver Post


January 29, 2019

Lexis Nexi/Legal News Room

Auto dealers sue Colo. over use of Calif. emissions standards

The Denver Post

Colorado car dealers sue regulators to repeal tougher vehicle fuel efficiency standards

The Gazette

Colorado auto dealers sue state to halt California-based emissions standards

The Colorado Sun

Auto dealers sue state to prevent Colorado's adoption of California's low-emission vehicle standard

The Pueblo Chieftain

Colorado's auto dealers sue over California-style emissions rules

Colorado Politics

Colorado auto dealers sue state to halt California-based emissions standards

Complete Colorado

Auto dealers sue over Cali emissions standard


Colorado Automobile Dealers Association sues state over recently adopted low emissions standards

Automotive News

Dealers sue Colo. over newly adopted vehicle emissions rules

Bloomberg Environment

Card dealers sue Colorado over low emission vehicle rules

Law 360

Auto dealers sue Colo. over use of Calif.emission standards

Automotive Test Drivers

Dealers sue Colo. over newly adopted vehicle emissions rules


January 6, 2019

Denver Post

ACC Auto Tech receives scholarship grant from Clear the Air Foundation


December 11, 2018

Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara

Colorado Cedes Control to California


April 1, 2018

The Denver Post

Prelude to annual Denver Auto Show parades 'green' models — with a touch of pizazz



11th Annual Green Car Parade


4CBS Denver

Denver Auto Show kicks off with annual 'Green' Car Parade


March 30, 2018

Consumer Reports

Auto shows can be a secret weapon for car shoppers


March 29, 2018

Denver Business Journal

Colorado new vehicle registrations are down a bit through February


March 26, 2018

The Denver Post

Motor vehicle dealer and manufacturer service rates – SB-219


March 26, 2018

Faces of Whipplewood

CADA and Clear the Air Foundation featured in local publication


March 23, 2018

Denver Business Journal

Are you going to the Denver Auto Show this year?


March 22, 2018

The Denver Post

Denver Auto Show organizers want more from Colorado Convention Center and hope $60M helps them get it


The Denver Business Journal

Denver Auto Show is more than cars and trucks — the show means millions to the local economy