CADA Open Road


October 20, 2020

Have you voted yet?

If not, the CADA 2020 Dealer Voter Guide is your one-stop reference for issues that were important to Colorado's auto dealers, how incumbents voted on those issues and the candidates who are running against those legislators.

Colorado new car franchise dealers contribute more than 22 percent to the state's total sales tax revenue. If your legislators who are running for re-election did not vote with you on issues that affect not just your dealership, but the people who buy new vehicles from you, consider voting for the candidates who are running against the incumbents. After all, if they haven't voted with you so far, it's likely they will not in the future.

Legislative races make a difference for all Coloradans in the automotive industry. The Colorado General Assembly is where many of the laws and regulations originate that determine how new car dealers must operate.

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