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February 22, 2022

Nominate an industry standout for the second class of the Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame!

Deadline March 4, 2022!

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February 8, 2022

The best time to avoid a data penetration is before you've been breached.

Sadly, most businesses don't make the effort until AFTER they've been hacked. 

And lost their data.

Their intellectual property.

And their reputations.

In the hyper competitive world of new car sales and service, that reputation breach may be even worse than the mid-six-figure ransom you'll be forced to pay. 

It seems like a bunch of scare tactics, doesn't it? But it's real. Why do you think headlines in the past several months are screaming about international and domestic cyber compromises? It's becoming easier and easier to do, because businesses are not staying on top of their own security measures.

And unless your store — or stores — has been breached, there's no real way to describe the pain, frustration and outlay of cash or bitcoin to resolve the situation. 

Then, once you've been hacked — and if you don't secure your data from hackers — chances are high that you'll be held for ransom again and again.

That'll be enough to put you out of business.

Preventing cybersecurity threats and attacks is a tough road to navigate, with tight curves, steep ledges and deep potholes. Yet you don't need to navigate that road alone.

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February 1, 2022

Webinar in 3 weeks!

Seconds from Chaos: Hackers in your dealership

It’s Friday morning before a long weekend and every staff member reports that their computers are down. 

Sales associates can’t process credit applications, the marketing department can’t run campaigns, service can’t schedule appointments or order parts — and one prospective buyer just walked out. 

The IT department has been working on the problem all day, with minimal progress. And now another roof top is reporting the same problems. 

There are two kinds of dealerships in the world: Those that have experienced this scenario and those that will. In both cases, the losses are extraordinary. 

And they’re preventable. 

Join us at 8 a.m. Tuesday, February 22 as Colorado Springs cybersecurity expert, Todd Cronin, founder/CEO of Ryu Team provides data and insights gathered from incidents Ryu Team has responded to over the years in dealerships nationwide.

Cronin thinks like the threat. His deep experience with the U.S. Air Force, federal R&D and private sector uniquely positions him as an expert on cybersecurity threats — and how to prevent them. 

Designed for dealer principals, general managers and controllers, this webinar will keep you informed about the latest cyber threats to the automotive industry — and how to prevent these disruptive attacks with efficient solutions.

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