CADA Open Road


August 30, 2022

Dealer Members Golf FREE!

CADA Annual Member Golf Event is happening October 3rd!

Register Now!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, CADA is extending the event invitation beyond our Dealer Principals and General Managers. Do you have a Service Manager, F&I Manager, or even an ambitious Sales Associate that you'd like to reward with a day networking on the course? Each dealership is welcome to four complimentary spots on the golf roster, but don't wait to register - Space is limited!

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August 23, 2022


Employee Retention Credit: The biggest and most-misunderstood tax incentive

That PPP loan you took out a couple years ago? You know, to keep staff employed and your doors open?

Well in late 2020, Congress passed the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2020, which modified the tax credits available under the CARES Act. Read the IRS notice.

The upshot is you're eligible to receive $5,000 for every employee you kept on staff throughout 2020. And if they stayed on board through 2021, you are eligible to receive $7,000/quarter for each employee. Add that up and we're talking about a potential $26,000 credit for each employee who was on your payroll during 2020-2021.

Want to know more?

REGISTER NOW for the webinar at 8 a.m. tomorrow, as alliantgroup Associate Director Johnathon Johnson presents a special 1.5-hour webinar, Employee Retention Credit: The biggest and most-misunderstood tax incentive.

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August 16, 2022

Webinar next Wednesday!

Employee Retention Credit: The biggest and most-misunderstood tax incentive

If you took out a PPP loan during 2020 and kept your employees on staff, you could be eligible for an Employee Retention Credit to the tune of $5,000 for each employee who stayed through 2020. 

What’s more, if those employees stayed through 2021, you could be eligible for $7,000/quarter for EACH EMPLOYEE.

These credits are sent to you in the form of a check from the IRS, to use any way you want. In fact, the Employee Retention Credit is one of the largest credits available to business owners, delivering thousands of dollars in credits for each employee with qualified wages.

Join us Wednesday, August 24, as alliantgroup Associate Director Johnathon Johnson presents a special 1.5-hour webinar, Employee Retention Credit: The biggest and most misunderstood tax incentive.

Designed for dealer principals and owners, Johnathon will share information on the single largest tax break available to American businesses. This incentive was recently changed by Congress so more businesses can take advantage of it.

Johnathon will walk you through misconceptions and how you can use the credit to potentially generate a substantial cash refund.

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August 9, 2022

Next Tuesday!

Unions are making their way through Colorado. Could your dealership be next?

Unions closing in on your dealership could cost you upwards of 100 million dollars! Learn the labor law basics, including rights of the three parties involved: employers, employees and unions before it's too late!

Calling all Service Managers and Supervisors!

Join us in person next week, as Fisher Phillips Partner Todd Fredrickson walks you through how to recognize union activities, along with the basic ground rules for supervisors:

Unions in Colorado’s dealerships: A supervisor’s guide to labor law and unionizing.

This interactive, 90 minute session will cover essential topics, including:

• How unions make their way into your store
• Who brings unions to your dealership — and why
• TIPS (things you CAN’T do)
• FOES (things you CAN do)
• Your dealership’s obligations and rights
• Your employees’ rights
• Union obligations and rights

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August 2, 2022

LAST CHANCE - Webinar this Thursday!

Insider's Secrets to Processing Title Work

Join us online this Thursday for a lively and completely new title training seminar, led by our new Title Clerk Trainer Lindsay DeHoff, owner of Colorado Title & Tags. 

Lindsay will take an in-depth look at the information the DMV requires to process sufficient title paperwork. She brings with her a fresh perspective on how to walk your new title clerks through title processing. And she'll share new information as a refresher for your more experienced title clerks. 

Must-have information on each document will be covered, as well as the many  commonly used Colorado DMV forms that accompany the title — including when to use secure POA and understanding odometer acknowledgements.

This interactive, two-hour session will cover essential topics, including:

  • Several 8-digit Lessor Sales Tax Account numbers and how to find the Location ID (ending 4 digits)
  • How to find City Jurisdiction Codes for lease tax receipts
  • A list of home rule and statutory cities
  • ELT numbers for all current Electronic Lien & Title Lenders
  • Handling new revision dates on DMV forms
  • Tips and tricks for finding fuel types, body styles and vehicle color
  • Approved Sales & Use tax location tools

We'll take a deeper dive into must-have information required by the DMV for each document, commonly used Colorado forms that accompany the title, how to properly assign out-of-state titles, file a lien using any security agreement and accurately complete sales tax receipts.

You'll learn

  • How to find information to complete title paperwork
  • Fundamental titling concepts that can be applied to a variety of transactions
  • Current county preferences, reasons for rejections and more
  • How to calculate and remit sales & use tax for leases and financed deals

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