CADA’s Endorsed Providers offer commonly used products and services that franchise dealers use on a day-to- day basis to operate their business — quite often at a cost equal to or less than what they currently pay. These companies have been extensively vetted to ensure the best product and/or service providers are available to our member dealers.

When you do business with our Endorsed Providers, you save precious resources that would typically be spent in researching and negotiating with new providers in a particular market.

As an additional revenue stream for CADA, royalties earned from endorsements are invested back into the association to help support the many critical efforts CADA engages in on behalf of you, our dealer members — including legislative, regulatory, compliance, grassroots and educational efforts.

Click here for a list of Endorsed Providers.

How to Become an Endorsed Provider

To develop our Endorsed Provider listing, CADA’s Member Services Committee (which is made up of ten dealer principals from various-sized franchises around the state) considers nationally recognized companies that dealerships use on a day-to-day basis to operate their business. The Committee then selects several providers within the same market for consideration.

The history, clients, other state ADA relationships, revenue sharing programs, pricing, and customer service of those chosen companies are then researched as part of our extensive vetting process. Once this process has been completed, a company has been selected and terms have been agreed upon, the committee then presents that company to CADA’s Board of Directors for approval and endorsement.

Given that our Endorsed Provider vetting and approval process may be time consuming, many companies opt to join CADA as an Allied Member to begin their relationship with CADA and its members. Benefits of Allied Membership can be found here. (link to Allied Membership page - pending content)


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