CADA Insurance Services is CADA’s full-service insurance division that specializes in the unique—and often complex—area of employee group benefits and F&I products for dealerships.

So we can provide you with comprehensive and competitive products and services, CADA employs full-time, salaried licensed insurance professionals to help you and your management team research, vet and implement the most reliable and best finance and employee benefits products for your dealership.

And because our insurance professionals ARE salaried, we can truly keep your best interest top of mind, rather than recommending products that will pay a higher commission. After all, our goal — and our focus — is to give you what you need.

What’s more, when you purchase your insurance services through CADA, you also benefit from CADA’s ongoing efforts in monitoring state and federal laws and lobbying on your behalf regarding issues that affect your dealership. When change is needed, CADA is there to be your voice.

These benefits — along with other legal and legislative benefits — are an indirect result of your choice to use CADA’s Insurance Services, something that’s simply not available with other choices. Simply put, when you invest in CADA’s Insurance Service, you’re also investing in yourself — and your industry.