Legislative Grassroots Meetings

Legislative Grassroots Meetings (LGMs) are a fundamental component of CADA in that they’re used to educate elected officials — specifically members of the Colorado General Assembly — about issues that are important to the automotive industry.

These meetings help build relationships between member dealers and their elected officials. In crafting these personal relationships, we hope that if an issue arises in the future, these elected officials will remember our members’ comments before taking any action.

In this way, LGMs are not just a proactive means of participating in the legislative process, they’re essentially responsible for the unanimous passage of the 2017 seven-part franchise bill. These meetings are typically held in a legislator’s district, with a small group of member dealers and CADA staff present.

In 2016, CADA staff and dealer members met with 60 legislators; in 2017, that number spiked to 86 — a new record. CADA travels the state to meet with legislators and dealers in their districts, ranging from Pueblo to Greeley, Burlington to Grand Junction, and all parts in between. These LGMs played a crucial role in our overwhelming margins of victory during the 2017 Legislative session.

Dealer participation is essential for continued success at the Colorado State Legislature. CADA wants elected officials to directly hear from you, as your active involvement goes a long way in ensuring that issues facing new car dealers remain at the forefront of elected officials’ minds.

If you can’t attend a meeting in your area, we recommend you send someone from your dealership. LGMs are our primary way of advocating on your behalf and have proven to be very successful.

To get involved, contact Tim Jackson.