Legislative Priorities

2017 legislative victories

CADA’s primary mission is to advocate on member dealers’ behalf — and resulting from dealers’ active participation, 2017 saw several victories at Colorado’s state capitol.

Sunset Review Bill (SB 17-240)
The Department of Regulatory Agencies generates a bill every 10 years that includes recommendations and re-authorizes the operation of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board and Auto Industry Division.

The CADA Legislative Policy Committee worked with our Board of Directors to decide the ways in which the bill needed to be amended to best protect new car dealers’ interests. The final bill the governor signed was nearly identical to our recommendations.

SB 17-240 keeps dealerships closed on Sundays, retains the inclusion of dealers on the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board and ensures salespersons are tied to dealerships rather than allowing them to operate as independent brokers. This was a huge victory for CADA’s dealer members and will not be a cause for concern for another 10 years.

Seven-Part Franchise Bill (SB 17-298)
CADA passed an expansive seven-part franchise bill through the Colorado General Assembly. This measure goes a long way in safeguarding dealers from overzealous manufacturer encroachments and covers a variety of areas that have long needed to be addressed at the state level. In fact, this is the most crucial and comprehensive automotive franchise bill in the history of the state of Colorado.

What’s more, this legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. It passed favorably out of the Senate Committee with a vote of 6-1 and out of the Senate as a whole with a vote of 35-0. It then went to the House, where it passed out of committee 12-0 and then onto the House floor where it received a vote of 65-0.

Bipartisan support of this magnitude is crucial to CADA’s advocacy efforts. We work all year with members from both sides of the aisle to further dealer interests. These votes demonstrate just how successful we have been at this.

The measure addressed seven major issues and included key dealer-friendly provisions that cover recall reimbursement, manufacturer performance standards, two-tiered pricing, add points and relocations, rights of first refusal, facility upgrades and termination appeals. The bill went into effect August 9, 2017.

Other legislation/policy issues

CADA will introduce a warranty reimbursement bill in the 2018 Legislative Session and has been working with both state legislators on its importance and our lobbying team for its passage.