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State legislative elections affect dealers as much as national races

Legislative races can — and should — make a difference for all Coloradans, and certainly for the automotive industry. The Colorado General Assembly is where many of the laws and regulations originate that determine how new car dealers must operate.

Given that the industry contributes more than 22 percent to the state's total sales tax revenue, you can see just how important your local elections are to your dealership, livelihood and quality of life.

CADA published the 2020 Dealer Voter Guide in the September issue of the Bulletin. In case you missed it, take a few minutes now to review the guide, which includes:

  • The Bulletin article that introduced the Dealer Voter Guide, which explains what will be helpful for dealers as we move into the 2021 Colorado Legislative Session.
  • CADA's position on issues that were important to dealers during the 2020 and 2019 Colorado Legislative Sessions.
  • Voting record of legislators on those issues and who are up for re-election.
  • Candidates running against those legislators. 

Generally speaking, if a current legislator didn't vote with CADA in 2020 or 2019, the chances are quite good that he or she will not vote with you and your dealerships' contributions to your community (your legislator's district) going forward. It's up to you to decide how important that is to you. 

Please take a few minutes to become more familiar with the auto industry's positions on issues, how your state Representatives and Senators voted and whether you agree with those votes.

It goes without saying that your vote is crucial during this election — and has the most influence in your own back yard. Feel free to share this guide with others in your dealership.

Download the '20 Dealer Voter Guide


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Matthew Groves, VP Legal, Regulatory & Compliance
Tim Jackson, President & CEO