State Information

Colorado motor vehicle dealers and salespersons are primarily regulated by the Department of Revenue, Auto Industry Division. CADA staff members attend the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) monthly meetings and closely work with the Auto Industry Division.

The nine-member MVDB oversees licensing and supervision of motor vehicle dealers and their sales representatives. Members are appointed by the governor for three-year terms. Topics where CADA has been involved include:

  • Off-premise permits
  • New dealer license applications
  • Probable cause affidavits against new car dealers

Colorado Dealer Compliance Guide

The Colorado Dealer Compliance Guide provides summaries of more than 50 compliance topics that affect Colorado dealers at the state level. Topics include:

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Advertising
  • Arbitration
  • Bankruptcy/Lien Perfection
  • Buy/Sell Transactions
  • Class Action Lawsuits
  • Consignment
  • Consumer Credit Code (UCCC)
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Credit Cards
  • Delivery & Handling Fees
  • Disclosure – Damage and History
  • Disclosure – Required Form
  • Electronic Records and Transactions
  • Emissions
  • Employment – Labor Resource Referrals
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Equipment (minimum safety requirements)
  • Finance – Antimonopoly Law
  • Franchise Law
  • Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP)
  • ID Checking/ID Theft
  • Insurance – Confirmation of consumer coverage
  • Insurance Licensing
  • Investigations/Disciplinary Actions
  • Lemon Law (Manufacturer buy back)
  • Licensing (Dealer and salesperson)
  • Mechanics’ Liens
  • New vs. Used
  • Odometer
  • Off-site Sales/Permits
  • Plates
  • Prizes, Raffles and Giveaways
  • Recalls
  • Record Retention Guidelines
  • Referral Fees
  • Rental Vehicles – Daily Fee
  • Repair Act (Motor Vehicle Repair Act)
  • Repossession
  • Salvage Vehicles
  • Service Contracts
  • Spot Delivery
  • Sunday Closing
  • Taxes – Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentives
  • Taxes – Sales and Use
  • Temporary Permits
  • Tires – Waste
  • Title Processing/Registration
  • Unclaimed Property
  • Vehicle Protection Products

Compliance articles/updates

Compliance and regulatory articles and updates are included in CADA’s weekly e-newsletter, Open Road. If you are a CADA member, subscribe now to get this publication.

State Regulatory Structure

The state of Colorado and its 64 counties have primary registration authority for the titling and registration of motor vehicles, as well as the regulation of motor vehicle sales within state boundaries. The below agencies provide valuable information on all aspects of the regulations that affect motor vehicle sales and financing.

Other Colorado agencies also regulate motor vehicle dealers, including:

State licensing

CADA provides a number of services relating to the licensing of salespersons, including the mastery exam and salesperson bonding. For more information, click on the links below: