“We do what we can to keep our employees healthy.”

“CADA Insurance Services helps us navigate the waters. It’s easier on us as a dealer.”


Bill Hellman, Owner
Hellman Motor Company
Delta, Colorado

When Owner of Hellman Motor Company Bill Hellman began working with CADA Insurance Services for his employees’ health insurance 25 years ago, little did he know that with all the changes in health insurance coverage, his dealerships’ health insurance would still be provided by CADA today.

Why? “Craig Gordon (Employee Benefits Sales Manager) will spend the time to research all the insurance companies and options for us,” Hellman explained. “As a dealer, we could do that ourselves, but unless we’re in that arena every day, we’re going to miss something. And when we do, we have to live with it for the year. Obviously, it’s better to have someone with the expertise do the research and offer suggestions.”

Providing health insurance has helped Hellman’s bottom line in that employees are “getting physicals and they’re staying up on their health. We also provide flu shots,” Hellman said. “Anything you can do to keep your employees healthy is worth it, because it doesn’t do you any good to have them gone.”

CADA also provides Hellman Motor Company’s dental insurance — coverage that employees pay for, yet as any retail business with public-facing staff, it’s a no brainer for Hellman to offer both from a healthy smile perspective and, he observed, “many health problems start in our mouths.”

Hellman’s top 3 reasons for choosing CADA

  1. Convenience. “There are so many facets in the insurance business that we could spend a long time researching on our own,” Hellman said. “And you could give it to someone to do for you, but you should be damn sure who you give it to. If you’re going to make a mistake, you should be the one who does it.”
  2. Knowledge of health coverage suppliers. “That ties straight back into convenience. As a dealer, how am I supposed to know which one is best for my business? I’ve looked at them before and tried to match one plan with another — and it’s a hard thing to do.”
  3. Less stress. “If there’s ever a problem, we can call Craig and he can help us get through whatever the problem is,” Hellman said. “When working with big insurance companies, how do you even get to the right people? CADA helps us navigate those waters.” He paused, then added, “We have enough stress in all this mess.

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